Outdoor NEMA 6-50 outlet in housing box


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1) Total weather protection, made to resist canadian winter conditions. The box closes completely whether the station is plugged in or not.

2) Locking mechanism (padlock not included) for extra security against theft. It also helps protect children against the risk of electrocution.

3 ) Reduces electrician labor costs at time of installation. In fact, the electrician only has to provide the cable that leads from the breaker to the housing box. The NEMA 6-50 welding outlet is already assembled inside.

4) The box is CSA NEMA 3R CERTIFIED after modifications. All electrical installation accessories must be certified.

5) PORTABILITY: Made for the EVDUTY portable version. Just unplug the station from the outlet/box and take it with you (ex: to charge at the cottage or at the office).

6) Dimensions :

Width : 5.5’’   X   Height : 7’’   X   Depth : 5’’

Additional information

Weight 2.27 kg
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 18 cm


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