The Best Home EV Charging Stations

Find your perfect match by comparing the most popular home charging stations (also known as level 2 charging stations). If you’re not sure which home charging station is right for your electric car, start with our advice on how to choose a home charging station.

Comparison Table of Level 2 Home EV Charging Stations

A home charging station allows you to charge your electric or plug-in hybrid car significantly faster than a conventional 120V outlet (also known as a level 1 charging station). A home charging station not only saves you time but also enhances your independence by reducing your reliance on the public charging network and saving you money.

To assist you in finding the ideal home charging option for your needs, we’ve put together the chart below, which summarizes the important features and specs of some of the most popular home charging stations on the market right now.

EVduty-40 EVC30

EVduty EVC30

Over the years, the EVduty home charging station (full charger name: EVduty-40 EVC30) has shown to be a reliable home charging solution. This station, which was designed and manufactured in Quebec, is universally compatible with all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles such as the BMW i3, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Hyundai IONIQ, and Nissan LEAF, and many others. It will charge your electric car up to five times faster because of its 7.2 kW of power.

Its simple design blends nicely with any architectural style, and its small size (weight: 6 kg / dimensions: 33 x 16.5 x 6 cm) makes it simple to move. The EVduty is also available in a smart variant (see below for more information about its key features). If you choose the basic version, you can rest assured that you can upgrade to the smart-home version at any moment after purchase. Overall, the EVduty charging station offers a complete and enjoyable charging experience all year long, both indoors and out.

EVduty Smart-Home

The EVduty Smart-Home is a home charging station that is nearly equivalent to the standard model. Its smart features allow EV owners to control charging station access remotely, create a charging schedule, monitor the history of charging sessions, and more.

Its power-sharing technology, which allows owners to add a second home charging station to the same circuit breaker, is also worth noting. As a result, it’s a great charging station for single-family homes with many electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

EVduty SmartHome

The EVduty Smart-Home charging station, like the standard model, includes a universal connector, the SAE J1772 connector, which ensures compatibility with any electric vehicle in Canada. With 7.2 kW of charging capability, it can charge an EV up to five times faster. The charger is also portable, so you can move it inside or outside a garage depending on the season, take it to work if you have a 240V outlet, or quickly transport it to your new home if you ever move.

EVduty One


The EV ONE Home Charging Station is portable and compact, with a screen that displays the amount of energy and power given in kWh to EV owners. The EV ONE Home charging station is compatible with all-electric and plug-in hybrid automobiles available in Canada and is powerful, maintenance-free, and safe (fitted with an SAE J1772 connector). It also comes with one of Canada’s best warranties: a five-year warranty on the charging station, the cable, and the connector.

With 208 to 240 volts, it can supply up to 32 amps (7.6 kW) of charging power, charging your electric car up to five times faster than a level 1 charging station (a standard outlet of 120V). This charging station features a cable and receptacle holder, as well as an anti-theft device and a 25-foot cord. This charging station for your home is made in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

Home Charging Stations According to Your Needs

When looking for a home charging solution, each home charging station has its own set of features and characteristics to consider. You may select certain charging station models depending on your driving habits and living situation. Continue reading to learn the advice based on your needs.

What Are the Most Affordable Home Charging Station?

The most economical type is the EVduty home charging station (Model Number: EVduty-40 EVC30), which has a standard power capacity of 7.2 kW. It was created in Quebec and can charge an electric vehicle up to five times faster than a regular charging station (also known as a standard 120V wall outlet). It’s compatible with all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars sold in Canada and North America because it has an SAE J1772 universal connector.

The EV ONE Home charging station, which has identical functionality and is more affordable, costs C$ 799.99. The EVduty-40 Smart-Home Charging Station is the most affordable smart variant at C$899. Remote monitoring and real-time notifications via a mobile application are some of its primary advantages.

What Is the Fastest EV Home Charging Station?

First, each electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle has a particular battery capacity that can only handle a limited amount of power. Regardless of the home charging station model, an EV’s admitted power cannot be exceeded. This indicates that if an electric automobile can accept more than 7.2 kW of electricity, a 9.6 kW home charging station will charge it faster than a 7.2 kW charging station. If you’re not sure how powerful your electric vehicle is, we’ve put up a guide to assist you identify the best charging solution for your home based on the electric vehicle you drive.

The Bosch EV600 40A is a speedier solution that could save you time if you have an EV that accepts 9.6 kW of power. A Tesla Model S with a 60 kWh battery, for example, may be charged in 6.3 hours versus 8.3 hours with a less powerful EV charger, such as models with 7.2 kW of electricity charging capacity.

What Is the Smart Home Charging Station Models Available?

Because of its ability to provide detailed information on charging behaviours in real-time, smart, also known as connected, home charging stations are very popular among EV drivers. Mobile applications enable remote control of the charging station, allowing for this level of monitoring. The EVduty Smart Home and the FLO Home X5 are two smart home charging versions available.

Which Home Charging Station Offers the Best Warranty?

The EV ONE home charging station has the best warranty on the market, with a five-year warranty on the charging station, cable, and connector. Elmec’s EVduty home charging stations have the second-best warranty on the market: the home charging station is covered for five years, and the cable and connector are covered for three years. Most manufacturers include a three-year guarantee on the full charging station.

Which Home Charging Stations Are Portable?

The EVduty and EV ONE home charging stations, as well as the Bosch EV400 Series, have straightforward instals that require no special tools or wiring, making them easy to carry between locations. Once wall support has been built, unplugging and unhooking any of these home charging stations from the wall is simple. It only takes a few seconds to set up these portable home charging stations. Another benefit is their light and compact designs, which make transporting even easier.