Nova Scotia Utility Review Board denied Nova Scotia Power EV fast charging network project

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  1. Michael says:

    I know this is a post from January but to update…the URB did not deny the project. They denied the way it was to be funded, on the bills of Nova Scotia rate payers. The project was still allowed to go ahead, and it has. Flo charging stations are being installed now across the province. For those planning to travel into Nova Scotia on the Cat ferry that docks in Yarmouth, there is a station being wired right now on Starr’s Road. I do not have a date as to when it will be up and running but electricians are putting their finishing touches on the station today (June 7th). I am not sure where other stations are but I would assume there will be an announcement when they are all open.

  2. John Glennie says:

    I am wanting to visit Cape Breton this August and I’m finding a lack of charging stations for a Model 3. CHAdeMO and CCS are not possible, which limits me to 120 volt. I am arranging to have access to a place of business from 9 am – 6 pm Mon through Friday 45 km away from my destination. Also, I’m trying to see if the load and service to another location is possible. It would be nice if I could spend some money in NS along the Cabot Trail. 🙁

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