Ontario’s new electric vehicle incentives – timetable and intended funding

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  1. Prasad Shah says:

    How is the government going to make 277,000,000 dollars?

  2. Paul Koktan says:

    Single public chargers won’t help. What if you get there are someone else is on the charger or worse yet
    someone waiting ahead of you? What if the charger is broken and you really needed it to complete the trip? Study Tesla charger setups. They get it.

  3. Ben says:

    Free overnight charging: is there any more info on this? How will they determine energy use and when will it kick in?

  4. R. Bechard says:

    How will government collect road tax on electric vehicles? Will we be paying tolls?

  5. Jim says:

    Government is not following their own timetables. I am afraid that they will be waiting for elections in order to put plans in motion that can benefit general public. On the other side there was no delay to introduce carbon tax. Every time when they have to take money from public they are effective perform like swiss watch.

  6. E. Rosenquist says:

    I asked a customer service rep from Ottawa Hydro if they had any news on the free EV overnight charging program. I was told:

    “There is no news yet about this program, apparently the government is still working out some details.”

  7. J.P. says:

    Same answer I got:

    Thank you for contacting Hydro One Networks.

    At this time there is no further information on how the rebate/program will work. We will be able to provide you with further details as they become available.

  8. Bob says:

    I am sold on buying an EV asap, but I live near Huntsville Ontario and the dealerships do not seem interested in becoming an EV authorized dealership. Only Hyundai had a brochure. I do admit I have not tried the Chevy dealer, but I thinking of looking at the Bolt ( just not a Chevy fan ) One salesman was a little rude just before I left. Shame on him I was leaning their way.

  9. Patrick Defazio says:

    How much would it cost a month to charge the car up. How much would it cost to install the station in my garage?

    • Hi Patrick.

      Off-peak electricity rate in Ontario is 0,087$/kWh. Bolt EV with a large 60 kW battery size, it will cost $5.22 + fees + taxes when charging from depleted to fully charged. Keep in mind that this is for about 383 km.

      The installation in your garage depends on many factors : distance between electrical panel and garage, accessibility to run the wire, panel configuration, etc …

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