BC Hydro looking for British Columbia EV owners for digital campaign

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  1. Andrew dearing says:

    Would be interested, Have a 2019 Hyundai ionic ev, this is our primary vehicle, We live in Harrison hot springs

  2. alistair says:

    Not yet bought one, but have the wiring in place for a charger and put solar panels in 2 years ago in readiness also……Coldstream

  3. Ray Seller says:

    Would love to share how happy we are with our EV Prius Prime.

  4. b fearn says:

    Drove my EV from Vancouver island to Redstone BC, 200 kms west of Williams Lake. In WL only 1 charger @ 200 volts and 12 amps. 12 hrs 55 minutes to charge so I could get to Redstone and back to WL. Several BC Hydro chargers in Spences Bridge etc. with no signage and no possible connection as BC Hydro picked a connector that was not supplied with my car, Tesla.
    Second charger in WL did not work and call to them was not returned. Not sure why Hydro would pick a connector that the most popular EV does not have. Merritt supercharger delivered 840 kms per hour of charge. Is Hydro faster than that?

  5. Keith Green says:

    We own a Kia Soul, 2018 and JUST LOVE IT. It suits our retired lifestyle and our budget. We live in Langley City.

  6. Jayla says:

    I am an EV ambassador and advocate as an avenue to support global climate change. Owning an EV has been one of the best things I have done! Please keep me posted on your EV adventure to the coastal city of Nanaimo, B.C.

  7. being a automotive technician for over 40 yrs and owning 9 cars i think i could provide insight into changing to a EV – both on the technical and owners side – have a BMW I3

  8. Andrew Penny says:

    I drive a 2018 Nissan Leaf every day from Township of Langley to Delta and back. We feel we just had to step up and do our part for the environment. It costs us a lot up front but it’s worth it. I like being green and the Township of Langley is a very green community to live in
    TOL if also fully behind EV and have lots of free chargers to help us out close to our home. I charge up on Thursdays at the BC Hydo Powerteck labs wow what a place. Next I would like to put solar pannels on our roof.

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