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This page gathers specific posts about electric vehicle integration in Ottawa .


MobileNow! payment system

Last April, I was proud to announce the TWO New Chargers at Franco-Cité School in Ottawa. Both SunCountryHighway electric vehicles chargers are now completely fully operational.  You can find them on Plugshare.  The address...


Canvassing with François Trépanier

In the article ”François For Innes, a Politician from Words to Deeds !”,  I explain how I try to demistify electric vehicles at the municipal politics level.  The candidate in my Ottawa ward, François Trépanier, is...


My 2 year Volt ownership – STATS

This saturday, March 8, 2014, marks my Red Volt’s 2nd anniversary. Here are the detailed stats after a two-year ownership !! Year 1 Year 2 Total total km 20 836 17 452 38 288 electric km 18 037...


Canada’s 1st Nissan LEAF – Stories from the cold snap

(Author : Ricardo Borba, owner of the first Nissan LEAF delivered to a consumer in Canada.  He decided to create his blog,  Canadian LEAF, to document the whole process of registering, reserving, purchasing and...


The Day TimeToElectrify Started For Real

The idea of this blog/media comes from various blogs.  I quickly realized that the unique concept of this kind of blog/media for Canada is a good avenue to explore.  There are many EV owners...