Plug at Work : 3 500 new Electric Chargers in Québec

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  1. eric says:

    We need Ontario to follow suit. Green energy plan…..electric transportation just makes sense as the next step.

  2. MLucas says:

    What is needed at most employee parking lots is a 110v outlet capable of 20 amps. An L2 charges way to fast, forcing the EV owner to leave their office to disconnect and move the car after its done charging. Another disadvantage to the L2 charger in Canada with our cold winters, EVs need to be plugged in to use their Cold Weather Battery Warmers installed in most Canadian EVs to keep the batteries at an optimal and efficient temperature. In addition, while the car is on a 110v outlet the car can be preheated to assist with battery and vehicle efficiency. The 110v outlet is much cheaper and easier to install than the costlier L2 chargers. Many parking ramps and outdoor lots already have many outlets available, the lots simply need to allow an EV owner to plug in possibly for an additional fee to assist with the cost of the electricity. It’s a simple solution.

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