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  1. Jerry DeBaun says:

    Please make this happen

  2. eMileage says:

    A link to this page has been forwarded to the David Suzuki Foundation and will hopefully be distributed to all subscribers.

  3. blanchette jean says:


  4. Bob Nye says:

    it would be nice.

  5. Allan P says:

    Thanks eMileage for the note! I contacted LeadNow, SumOfUs, Electric Auto Association (EAA), PlugInAmerica, CalCars, PlugShare, SunCountryHighway, EVCO, EVWorld, so hopefully the word gets out fast, and many more signatures come soon!

  6. KlnAir4U says:

    How can we do this same type of petition for Ontario and Canada ?

  7. Hi ! Thanks for all your comments ! So far the petition is great. We are supporting Québec simply because they started it first and mostly because the EV community is well structured in Québec. Now, will do its best to offer a blog/media to reunite all Canada. Keep visiting this website on a daily basis. You will see in the next few weeks changes as we keep developing the site and adding contents. You are always welcome to comment. Someday, we will organize the same petition for Ontario.

  8. Chris Paine says:

    Any urban area is the natural partner of electric cars and Zero Emissions Vehicles because it cleans up air for everyone who lives near those vehicles. A city powered by renewable energy has the huge added advantage of no fossil fuel impact (buying it or burning it) from those cars at all.

    • You are totally right Mr Paine. You are welcome on ! Feel free to visit us from time to time. About the petition, your support and a tweet on your part would help us.

    • Thank you for your support, Mr Paine. Your documentaries were eye openers for me, and since viewing them, my wife and I bought two Volts, and we became militant in promoting clean transportation and sustainable energy. I am one of the two initiators of this petition.

  9. Paul M says:

    My wife and I have direct experience with the statement “The automakers are NOT TRYING TO SELL electric vehicles.” We had an appointment to test drive an electric Smart car. The experience was that of being stood up and rudely treated at the Mercedes dealership in Montreal and never seeing an ev car there.

    • That is one of the Goals of EV Fest – to give guests a chance to have a Test Drive in an interested environment, and that started to be realized at EV Fest 2012, and again at EV Fest 2013. Here is hoping it can be expanded for EV Fest 2014 – our 5th Anniversary!

      On the Positive Side with MB and the Smart EV Program – they approached the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada to offer an association and an EV Ambassador Rebate Program to the Members – see website and their Facebook page – to folllow up on that!

  10. TONCI says:


  11. Sara Gonzalez says:

    I support the Petition 100 % !

  12. Pauline Thornham says:

    I support this petition, and already have an ev. Bonne chance, Quebec!

  13. Harold Brown says:

    EVs are important and I think car companies should be offering them everywhere. I hope this petition succeeds!

  14. andre roy says:

    Chevrolet volt the best way to save the planet

  15. andre roy says:

    it has to happen

  16. Mark Walton says:

    Member of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa.

  17. hugo batres says:

    This technology it’s been ready to make the world a better place.enough with the politics.

  18. Bob says:

    Yes more electric choice.

    Happy Volt driver.

  19. Brian says:

    We had bought a brand new 2012 nissan leaf in march of 2012 and do not regret the purchase one bit. Almost two years have gone buy and there has been no federal or provincial support what so ever. If sun country can install level 11 charging stations across Canada. Then the Canadian government should be able to fund a level three charging infustructure . In th United States , where they installed a lot of level three chargers, the sales of electric cars have been selling faster than they can keep them on the car lots. Here in Alberta , we are still waiting for some kind of provincial support in this matter.

    • At EV Fest’s website – there is information about Electric Vehicle Charging as well –

      Also – I have been chasing the BC Government – since they mention 13 DC Quick Chargers in press releases, but only showed 6 on!
      As a Result – the got up to speed and listed the newest location – up an running in Merritt, BC. now for 7 showing, but still 6 more to complete, and not all well sequenced from the look of their press release. The just accepted applications from various cities, with no plan of properly siting or locating them in a useful fashion.

      However – compared to Ontario – they are worlds ahead, compared to our only one here – installed by Mitsubishi Canada at their Head Office, and none other!

  20. Marie McMahon says:

    This is important .

  21. Jason Arnold says:

    The link to the petition is no longer up? I got a 404 error when I clicked it 🙁

    • Jason Arnold says:

      Due to the provincial election, it seems… it’ll be back up after the April 7th; thx Eric!

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