My 2 year Volt ownership – STATS

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  1. ERIC L says:

    Some people tell me “I d like the volt but what about battery degradation?” I reply event if the battery is still good for say 40km after 10 years (I think it will be more), I will still have an hybrid equivalent with a gas engine thats “15000 km old”. In other words, the gas engine will still be new

  2. Ian Torrey says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’m very interested in learning more about ‘real world’ total cost of ownership for an EV. Do you have service, maintenance and repair costs you would be willing to share? Have you calculated cost of electricity at going rates over your two year ownership?

    • Hi Ian,

      For the Chevrolet Volt, the oil change is once every 2 years.

      Due to the regen, every time the Volt slows down, or using the breaks, the energy is not lost. It is going back to the batteries. Result : the break pads are almost not used at all. They might last 8 years !!

      For the cost of electricity, it depends of your provider fees. For 20 000 km, I estimate about 4000 kW. At 10 cents par kW, it is about 400 $ + other fees + taxes.

      I will soon be selling the only 100% Made in Canada charger. More news about this soon. You may contact me at about this !

      • Sylvain Belanger (Akarius) says:

        But as a mechanic ( and Volt owner ).. I recommend an oil change once a year before each winter… Like any other car, up here in Canada we are considered as …extreme temperature… like the owners manual states …. the 2 year thing is more for warm temp. all year long like in California

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