EVCO – Peterborough Utilities Group and FLO’s L3 in Norwood and Lansdowne Place Mall

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  1. Pat says:

    Sounds great for a Bolt but I don’t think my 2012 Leaf with a warm weather ECO limit of 130km(as per GOM) will make those locations from Ottawa at posted speed limits. I’m not adventurous enough to challenge the limits beyond local Ottawa safety—lol
    Wish I could afford a Bolt or an Ioniq or a new Leaf for that matter.

  2. Roger Colbeck says:

    Good positive article Eric!

  3. D LeBlanc says:

    While in Norwood, stop at Ralph’s Butcher Shop and stock up on their awesome sausages. Just wish I could make the distance in my SoulEV …

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