Dragonfly Does Seattle – a trip powered by electrons

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  1. Josh P says:

    Holy cow that was an adventure! I actually gasped when I read the heading “And, disaster.” You wrote that part really great! Now I want to know if they ever got that broken charger fixed…

  2. This adventure demonstrates clearly that British Columbia understands the strong needs for quick chargers. Every province in Canada should plan to install not only level 2 chargers but also DCQC along highways and other strategic places. More chargers are needed at new places, but also where some are already installed !! More EV will be in the automobile market year after year.

    I enjoyed reading Peter Levey’s article. With his wife, they are the living proof that electric vehicles are here to stay and mostly fun to drive.

    • Rampage_Rick says:

      Volt driver here. Yes the province has made great strides with the DC fast chargers. The two important ones yet to be installed are Hope and Merritt. One thing I wonder about is if they’ll start deploying the dual-technology stations that are compatible with both the SAE combo plug and CHAdeMO. For starters, the BMW i3 and the Spark EV don’t do CHAdeMO. SAE combo is also the plug of choice for Audi, Ford, Porche, and Volkswagen. Also, SAE combo can be easily adapted to Tesla since they speak the same language (PLC) whereas CHAdeMO to Tesla requires a bunch of brains in the adapter cord. (Could be why there still isn’t one available)

      • Hi. thanks for this comment. I want to write an article about B.C.’s EV charging infrastucture project. I will do my research and submit my first draft to you and other people from your province for your comments. Is this something you could do to have a complete picture on this subject ?

        • Jeremey Janzen says:

          Don’t forget about the Sun Country Highway, in BC and across Canada, which all EV’s can use (unlike CHAdeMO). Besides Greenlots, there are several other general charging station options (free or $) such as ChargePoint, AddENERGIE, etc, which people usually add to Plugshare but they also have their own maps (it’s a pain having to visit multiple maps though — Plugshare crowdsourcing is great).

      • Al S says:

        Rampage_Rick, isn’t the Model S CHAdeMO adapter already available? If not, why is there the passage in the trip-report about a Tesla owner wanting to jump the waiting line for the CHAdeMO?

  3. Thomas J. Thias says:

    So, It was 3 weeks before #NPID2013 (National Plug-In Day) and a small town, 119 miles away was having a Plug-In Electric Vehicle Show along with their annual town festival and Classic Cars.
    As an owner of a Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle I take pride in the fact that I am driving 97% EV-

    I would have to find a way to get there and back using not a drop of gas!

    As Peter mentioned in his article PlugShare.com is a fantastic FREE EV Filling Station locator. I prefere to be ap free so just use the Google Earth Wiget in my smart phones browser.
    Topping off, having a burger at 8:00 pm on the southern most L2 I plotted the course to my next fill-up, some 37 miles away. Address from PlugShare, OnStar guidance downloaded, off I Went.
    Great feeling to see the glowing L2 in the parking lot of the Utility Company as I pulled in at 8:48pm.
    Plugged in, pushed the seat back, stero on and… a 3 hour/ 46 minute stop! Blogged a bit, surfed the web.
    At 12:30 downloaded the guidance for my next stop some 38 miles to the east.
    In Chelsea, with 6 miles, AER left, Onstar took me to the location. It was 1:30 am in a small sleepy town. Somewhere in this Monistary parking lot was my fllling station but I could not find it.
    I was detrrmined

    • ….not to use any gas. PlugShare had shown 2 in the town so using OnStar was guided the 3 miles to the backside of the local hospital.
      There, on that beatiful August evening at 2:00 am in the morning I was filling up for the 2nd time.
      This time, radio on softly, I slept the sleep of the just.
      I’ll add now for those not sure that I can drive my Chevy Volt EREV from LA to Chicago and back at wlll, non-stop like any other gas car and average 40 mpg doing so but this was not my point. I was going to a Plug-In Electric Car Show. Burning gas was NOT on the agenda!

      Woke up at 6:00 am. Full tank of electrons! Walked into the hospital to grab some coffee, use the can and then with my next location plotted, on to Ann Arbor!
      An hour stop for brealfast at my last fill-up on the north side of town then the last 11 mile run to the show.

      Great time. Bragging rights to other Chevy Volt EREV Owners there uncluding a customer of mine that had made the trip in extended range mode.

      I know my all electric 220 mile round trip in my Chevy Volt EREV will sound like a silly adventure to you hard core battery only owners but it was a game that I had to experience. What a blast and yes, I repeated my steps on the way home! Hard Core I Am. lol


      Thomas J. Thias

      Sundance Chevrolet Inc.



  4. What a great story! It highlights a couple of really important things as more people transition to EV modes of transportation. The first is that it is obvious that a mind shift is required by drivers of EV’s which requires more mindfulness and planning. Obviously the woman with the Tesla had not planned properly. Driving needs to be planned out very consciously.

    The second, perhaps more important, thing which becomes apparent is that there currently is a deficit in charging possibilities – especially as adoption of EV’s increases – and that there is a huge possibility for businees owners, developers and municipalities to install charging locations, thereby bringing more business and tourist dollars to their businesses and municpalities. Huge potential over the coming years. Those who look forward to the changing vehicle landscape over the coming years will be at a distinct advantage!.

  5. Ricardo Borba says:

    Peter: Unfortunately Nissan doesn’t allow you to get towed with the four wheels on the ground. Otherwise you could’ve used brake regen and arrived at your destination with a full charge. 🙂

  6. Al S says:

    Good story, but I would have charged for an hour or two at a nearby 240v station instead of being towed.

    The cost of the “free” towing is passed along to all future LEAF purchasers.

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