Monthly Archive: October 2014


MobileNow! payment system

Last April, I was proud to announce the TWO New Chargers at Franco-Cité School in Ottawa. Both SunCountryHighway electric vehicles chargers are now completely fully operational.  You can find them on Plugshare.  The address...


Finally, I have a LEAF!

At the end of April, I became the proud owner of my very first electric car.  A 2014 Nissan LEAF.  I had been dreaming about it for years. No more exhaust pipe, no more...


Ça y est, j’ai une LEAF !

À la fin avril, je suis devenue propriétaire de ma première voiture électrique. Une Nissan LEAF 2014. Je rêvais d’en avoir une depuis des années. Plus de tuyau d’échappement, plus d’essence. Un énorme pas...