ZEV Petition in Québec – Position of Electric Mobility Canada

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  1. Here is the membership of Electric Mobility Canada. It is interesting to study who are voting members and non-voting members.

    Voting members
    1 – Manufacturers or Industry : They had to pay between 500 $ up to 4 750 $
    Ford Motor Company Canada, General Motors, Nissan Canada Inc, Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd., Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc., Leviton Canada, SunCountry Highway, Rio Tinto Alcan, Schneider Electric, CrossChasm Technologies Inc, and many more.

    2 – Energy Providers : They had to pay 1 260 $ up to 5 460 $
    Hydro-Québec, BC Hydro, Nova Scotia Power, Hydro Ottawa Limited, Burlington Hydro, EnWin Energy, NB Power, Manitoba Hydro, Toronto Hydro Corporation and many more.

    3 – Fleet Managers : They had to pay 500 $ up to 5 600 $
    Purolator Inc, Metro Vancouver, Gestion AVT, City of Ottawa – Fleet Services and many more.

    4 – Not-For-Profit Organization and Academics : They had to pay 620 $ up to 1 075 $
    AUTO 21, BCIT, Canadian Automobile Association, Université de Sherbrooke, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, MacMaster University, Red River College, Centre national du transport avancé, Institut du transport avancé du Québec (ITAQ), WatCAR – Centre for Automotive Research – University of Waterloo

    Non-voting Members
    5 – Supporters : They had to pay 230 $

    6 – Associate Members : They had to pay 5 000 $
    National Research Council Canada, Transport Canada, Ministry of Transportation – Ontario

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