Volt owners in Canada : we are looking for great GM dealerships

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  1. Martin Charbonneau says:

    Looking for info about Chevy Bolt launch but dealer refer me to internet for infos…

  2. joel cote says:

    Lot of problem with my car and dealers i give alot of my time as volunters to promote electric car but very hard for me to recommend GM cars. Électric car that smell oil ….yes

  3. Remi says:

    Is your dealership worth being promoted as a constructive leader in eV sales? No and no Volt 2017 in inventory. They said GM allow them only 2 volts per month

    Were they able to answer all of your questions? No

    How did they support your choice to purchase an eV? They recommand to me to don’t buy Bolt because it Will be a very small car 🙁

    Did they recommend a charging station made in Canada? No

    GM Canada, please allow us to order via internet with a best price. Majority of your Dealers don’t want sell EV

  4. Kimberly says:

    I could sell Volts from my drive way, whenever someone sees it plugged in, they ask questions … I am confused by people buying anything but an EV?

    To motivate a sales team to focus on anything they need a purpose, like why should we sell Volts? No gas? No emissions? Use the HOV lanes? Sales teams also like FUN, whats more fun than a contest to sell Volts? The cars are ultra cool like high tech robots! Ongoing Coaching, GM are you helping your sales teams at all with this? Then of course they need the product on the lot …. Next its about feedback and recognition, GM, you should know that you’ve got to reward your stellar Volt sellers!

    I think you need me on your payroll. Good luck GM

  5. Erik says:

    I’ve worked with Barry Cullen in Guelph. Good service. Somewhat EV knowledgeable (could be better) . Didn’t try to get me to buy another car. Didn’t recommend a L2 station. Didn’t have enough allocation for my car but managed a dealer swap to get me the Volt I wanted. Customer service is fantastic but needs to be around EV’s more to increase familiarity.

  6. I work for Gravel Chevrolet in Montreal and I’m want we call the electric consultant / ambassador for the entire dealership for EV’s.

    Is your dealership worth being promoted as a constructive leader in eV sales? We are currently the second biggest EV saler in Canada and no. 1 in sales in Montreal.

    Were they able to answer all of your questions? If i don’t know the answer I will find it. My most important rule is ”I don’t know all the answers and I dont try and make up one” or ”If I dont know the answer, I shut up”

    How did they support your choice to purchase an eV? I support all the customer who wants an electric vehicule. the thing that frustrate me the most is a customer that is on the boderline if buying an EV, go to a dealership and the saleman discourage him of buying that king of vehicule.

    Did they recommend a charging station made in Canada? Yep, the EV-Duty and we have them in stock if the customer wants one.

    We always have a Volt, Spark EV or ELR for a demo ride. We have already over 30 customers on a waiting list for the Chevy Bolt. I went to Toronto to see the Bolt, sat in it and study the car, so I know about the car.

    We always have a EV car for our service guest who bring their EV for maintenance. We have 3 L2 charging stations that we share on Plugshare for everyone that drive an EV. Even for Nissan, Tesla, Mitsubishi, Ford ans our customers.

    I think that we are doing a great job selling Volt we have more then 40 customers that are waiting for GM to produce their car.

    The admin of this site knows me and the fisrt time that he saw me, we spoke for about 2 hours on EV’s. He couls probably vouch for me and tell you that I’m not bull…

    So you live in the great province of Quebec and you want to buy an EV. I’ll be glad to help you.

    • Glen says:

      Wow, Bravo Sir! This is exactly how all future GM dealerships should be in the future. I’ve purchased two Volts now (from the same dealership) and I still knew 200% more about the car than he did. The first eV charger that GM sold me (through SPX) failed horribly and I think this is why GM has shied away from promoting another charger–maybe? I see a Bosch charger brochure when I just picked up my Gen 2 Volt last month… but I wanted something built in Canada, made for Canadian winters!

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