TWO New Chargers at Franco-Cité School in Ottawa

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  1. Eric Leclair says:

    Excellent event to highlight a great addition to the City’s charging infrastructure. Lets hope others follow suit. The more charging options, the easier it will be to increase the amount of electric cars on the road.
    Bravo Éric!

    * Last picture: That is my son in the red giving electric car guru Sylvain Juteau, a few tips on how to maximize range. 😉

  2. Allison Miller says:

    Is there any other way to pay at the charging station, as I don’t have a smart phone – I know how 1900’s.

    • Hi Allison Miller,

      TimeToElectrify is not in charge of these charging stations. More information will be available wheb the MobileNow equipment installation is completed.

      The important aspect is to offer as many charging stations everywhere.

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