Tesla Motors blocks importation of used Model S in Canada

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  1. Dave Connell says:

    On the surface, this flies in the face of the “increase the use of EVs” universal phylosphy stated many times by Mr Musk.
    I believe its incumbant on them that TESLA clarify how this barrier is a benefit to Canadian EV purchasers.
    Grampa Dave Connell
    Founder: Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA)

  2. Bill Bennett says:

    I’ve been asking around and can’t get an answer from anyone. There is no reasonable explanation that I can think of. There are some bilingual stickers and the red buttons on the seatbelts. You have to press a button to change the speedo to kph from mph and that’s it. They already have daytime run lights and an imobilizer so what else is there.

  3. Mike t says:

    My thought is Tesla wants to control the price of the up and coming lease returns. If the market can be flooded with used US models they loose this ability.

  4. jack star says:

    there goes the free-trade agreement! Canadians are again victimized…

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