Outdoor locker for EVDuty


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Installing a charge station outdoors and wish to limit access to authorized persons only? This outdoor locker, tailored to the EVduty charging station, can secured with a padlock (not included) thus restricting access.

A NEMA 6-50 outlet is also secured in the locker. You just have the installation completed by a qualified electrician and you will then be able plug in and mount your EVDUTY-40 or EVDUTY-25 charging station in the locker.

As the wall mount is already installed in the box, it is designed only for the portable versions of the EVDUTY-40 or EVDUTY-25 charging stations (with a NEMA 6-50 welding plug).

The locker is for wall mounting and is CSA certified.

Mesurements :

Height : 24 inches

Width : 20 inches

Depth : 6 inches


***Charging station not included***


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