My Volt Traveled 466 Electric km (289 miles) in 24 Hours

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  1. Francois Boucher says:

    It seems that the most efficient temperature (that gets the least kWh used) is at 25 Celcius.
    I would guess that the battery thermal management has some influence on this!

  2. Darren says:

    I can say from personal experience, driving 466 electric km in 24 hours is not easy to do. Last August 2013, we traveled 460.6km in our 2011 Nissan LEAF in about 22 hours. This was on a trip from Ottawa to the west end of Toronto.

  3. Plug1n Volt says:

    I can attest to how difficult this is. I drove 313 EV miles in a 24 hour period. I found a section of road I could drive without ever stopping and drove at 30 mph on cruise control. This allowed me to drive 65-66 miles on each charge.

    After driving this 4 times, I had about 1 hour left and drove at highway speeds to finish up with 312.97 EV miles in 24 hours.

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