Manitoba ”will not include a per vehicle consumer incentive”

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  1. Here is a comment from Dave Connell, MEVA founder, on TTE’s Facebook page. Mr Connell gave me the thumbs up to publish it here :

    ” In a 95% pure hydro province, what a sin to not be a Canadian leader in EV use. There spending millions on the development of electric buses instead. Thank goodness for the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA).
    We have the first Canadian owner of the ‘iMiev’, had the first Manitoba ‘Leaf’, had the first Volt and enjoy the company of many, and possibly all, MB personal conversion vehicles, a Tesla Super car and Tesla S. There are also over 1500 Power Assisted Bicycles in this province of only approxmat ly one million population.
    Thank you for the continued efforts of all MEVA Members in spreading the ‘gospel of the EV’.
    MEVA Founder”

    • Eric Carriere, and a message for Dave Connell: The Electric vehicle Society of Canada – EVSC – was recently approached by Mercedes-Benz Canada to work with them to promote a new EV Ambassador Program. We think it could be something EVSC works with other EV Groups to help them incorporate in their fields of effort.

  2. Francois Boucher says:

    It’s unfortunate that the Manitoba’s efforts on transport electrification are so … timid.
    Electric car manufacturers are active at not changing the actual energy paradigm.
    ICE cars do have a moderate (about 10 years) useful life expectancy, and are thus a
    good business case of replacing cars.
    Electric cars do have a much more reliable engine, by design, and will thus have a higher
    life expectancy. Replacing cars less often is a very good thing for the environment and
    for sustainable development.

    • Replacing Fewer Cars is better for the Environment – But Less valuable for Auto Makers – without incentives to ‘Clear Their Heads’ of the Pollution that has infected them with Smog, designed in Obsolescence, And continuing to consume more than is needed in resources.

      There is already a Story out there telling about how bad Auto Sharing is, since it reduced demand for new vehicles by a large number – – which says: “Car sharing companies, which started gaining traction in cities about a decade ago, are increasingly becoming a threat to new vehicle sales according to a new study.” – so you can see the slant they are taking on any reduction!

  3. Lester Deane says:

    As a recent EV owner I have actively lobbied to have some consistency brought to policy. When asked for budget policy comments I outlined my thoughts on haveing a federal policy for EV incentives rather than Provincial incentives. Not a peep back.

    As for those who believe that the EVmovement should not benifit from artificial incentives not given to ICE vehicles I just want to point out that governments are falling over themselves trying to entice ICE makers into their back yards. Don’t tell me that isn’t a subsity for ICE vehicles.

    I want Canadian automotive classes discussing EV cars and offering courses on EV conversions. I think we should be courting Tesla for their next plant.

    The future is not the status quo, it is EV, fuel cells, propane etc.

    Let’s not sell out our kids.

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