New Jersey, Free Markets for Tesla Motors and Everyone

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  1. John Chamberlin says:

    Telsa Motors should have the right to compete in the auto industry without the middle man that is making the car sales market overpriced and unfair to consumers. NJ’s decision is a slap in the face to consumer that deserve the right to buy products the way a free market demands.

  2. Jeff Schwartz says:

    Tesla is doing everything right, just ask its customers and its employees. I’ve never heard of anyone who owned a Tesla who didn’t love it. On the other hand, when was the last time you were treated with respect by a car dealer? I look at it this way, if I had to trust my kids in the company of a stranger for an hour, “car dealer” would appear right after “Catholic priest” and right after politician, in terms of sleaziness.

  3. Seth Totten says:

    Tesla & every car manufacture should be able to sell there cars directly. It would help lower the cost of the vehicles

  4. Ken Stys says:

    Absolute B.S. , Just another piece of freedom taken away buy our local politicians,Thank You Governor Christy .

  5. KlnAir4U says:

    Our continent is based on democracy. This new law was not based on any democratic procedure. New Jersey should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a non-democratic law to find its way unto their books.

  6. It is a sign of corruption of NJ legislators from the lobby of car dealerships, and this is against the citizen’s liberties to choose how and from who they can purchase a car.

    It seems to me that this ruling is against basic trade rules.

  7. John Higham says:

    Tesla (and any other manufacturer) should be able to control the new car experience all the way to the driver. The only people who like the current model are the dealers.

    But more importantly,the current entrenched system was to use unfair advantage to eliminate competition from this nascent technology. Give Tesla what it needs to grow! The current model doesn’t know how to sell EVs, nor does it want to learn how because frankly it takes more time to sell an EV than an ICE-mobile. The “old” NADA will *never* embrace the EV experience because it takes time to sell EVs. Time they won’t invest.

  8. Mic Theory says:

    Just another case that proves we need reform in the way our politicians receive monies and support or else the common man will never be truly represented. What happened to Free Market and Democracy?”

  9. Those lobbyists must have been really hard at work! I wonder how much they were paid?

    Since we’re living in the 21st century with this thing called the Internet, government should just encourage businesses to go directly to consumers!

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