GM dealerships in Canada opting to sell Bolt will have to install DC Quick Chargers (Level 3)

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  1. Paul Allsop says:

    About time!

  2. Ian says:

    That’s going to sort the men from the boys. I know our local GM dealer sells Volts but has no charger outside and friends have said they got their Volt with half charge. So there may be some distance between rules and reality. I will see in November if they are taking orders.

  3. Bruno Marcoux says:

    Fast chargers everywhere !!!!

  4. Scout says:

    Yes, and when will the charging be available? Some dealerships don’t have them available when the dealership is closed, so on weekends and holidays, they’re useless. Also, I’m going to suggest that they’ll be ONLY CCS/Combo connections, and NOT CHAdeMO too. In Ontario, all but two DC chargers have both connections.

  5. Ian F says:

    I’ve visited a few GM dealerships with a L2 charger … but they keep an alarmed Volt plugged in to it, so it is not really publicly available 🙁

  6. Al S says:

    Are you sure about this DCFC requirement? Dealer employees have been wrong before. For example, two different dealers claimed this Summer that the 2017 LEAF would have a 36-40 kWh battery, but it will still have the 30 kWh pack as the 2016 edition.

    Some of the smaller Chevrolet dealers are being allocated one Bolt per month, so I don’t see how they could justify the expense of a DCFC installation.

    • Yes. GMC dealerships with many Bolts in their allocation and dealerships with only one Bolt confirmed this GM requirement. What we do not know yet are the specs about the DCFC.

      By the way, it is only one Bolt for the year for now…

      • Al S says:

        So this DCFC rule has been confirmed for the USA as well. But very strange, the station can be entirely private, no requirement that the public be granted access. Perhaps this is a way to funnel the supply of Bolts to a few high-volume dealers, since smaller outfits may not be willing to invest in DC charging.

        • I have met about ten smaller dealerships, and they all want to sell Bolt. They all want to install a DCFC.

          • Al S says:

            No doubt they want to sell Bolts. However, when the person who signs the checks sees it might cost $50,000 to install and GM will only give them a handful of cars, there may be some cancellations. . I hope this is not the case, but it is a possibility. It’s kind of like how Park Avenue BMW, despite having the same ownership as the ## Canadian LEAF dealer, decided not to offer the i3 and i8, since BMW demanded $100,000 royalties to be i-certified.

      • Al S says:

        In the USA it appears the requirement is a base 25 kW unit.

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