Fast chargers in Ottawa and eastern Ontario : The Electric Circuit announces details

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  1. KlnAir4U says:

    This is fantastic news. I’m in Toronto and could easily drive to the states and Montreal but not to visit my sister in Ottawa … Until now!
    But please slow down and make sure that these are logical sites. Do you really want three level 3 chargers within a few km of each other? The Fire Station, Clarence and Chinatown are too close. Why not make it more convenient and have these three sites combined together, so that if one is in use, I don’t have to drive to another site to get a charge?
    Also, make sure that the L3 at the Kanata park n ride has multiple outlets so that EV’ers can park n ride without one EV tying up a fast charge for the whole day.
    As intelligent EV’ers let’s make sure that this government money is spent wisely. Follow the Tesla formula … It works!

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