Elon Musk : ”To the People of New Jersey”

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  1. We can be lucky that franchise law does not exist in Canada!
    I hope that Tesla will succeed in getting that law reversed.

  2. John Chamberlin says:

    Well put. This is the start of the path that we must not go down. NJ residents need to wake up and see what Gov Christie is doing to their freedom of choice in the marketplace.

  3. Fons says:

    Whitehouse – PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION – https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/…/inform-new…/ptHTHYMP

  4. Frederic says:

    I wish you all the succes you deserve,
    You cars are the best, you deserve the best, hopefully the people will ake position and make the necessary changes in politics and oil ambush.
    I would be proud to work to work with your company for Montreal -Canada

  5. Ron says:

    When I wanted tp purchase a Prius back in 2001, the local Toyota dealer absolutely refused to sell me one. Reasons were that they don’ make money on it. I think it was also because it was new technology that they didn’t understand and they sell gas cars, not electric. Much the same reason that Elon states about francise dealers now. Another dealer did sell me one.

  6. Ninety Nine Percenter says:

    Yeah, I think I’ll join a crusade on behalf of a multi-billionaire who sells cars I can’t afford.

    • MLucas says:

      The money to create a new car company has to come from somewhere. Why not have the rich folks pay for it, in a few years the cost will come down and the rest of us will be able to afford a Tesla, too. Elon Musk – love him or hate him, he has taken a huge risk with his personal health and fortune to create a car company a feat so huge that a new American car company has not been created or as successful in over 100 years. This car company is not like any we have ever seen before – they are creating electric cars that are clean and efficient and remarkably safe to drive! The Tesla mission strives to free us from the tyranny of the auto dealer where I have personally forked over too much of my hard earned cash for B.S. service and fraudulent sales practices. When was the last time you heard of a rich guy trying to help out the average earners? I drive electric, not a Tesla but if you don’t drive electric then you have not yet felt the freedom an electric car gives to its owner. The freedom of no maintenance schedule, the freedom of not paying for gas, the freedom to generate your own ‘fuel’ and the freedom from not having to support dictators, fraudulent dealerships and corrupt politicians!

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