Creation of Electric Transportation Institute : Québec aims to become a World Leader

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  1. The province of Québec is aiming really high with its Transportation Electrification Strategy.

    What will Ontario and British Columbia choose to accomplish in future years ?

    I think every province is Canada should develop policies for electric vehicles. I certainly hope that Ontario and BC will also try to follow Québec’s strategy. There is a lot more to accomplish !! Among the millions of cars and trucks, only 6 000 are electric in Canada. This means in ten years from now, a lot more EV will be on the roads. We need leadership all over the country.

  2. John says:

    Ontario is so far behind. It’s a pitiful embarrassment that the nations capital doesn’t even have charging stations within walking distance of Parliament- aside from a single station at Ottawa City Hall.

    Wake up Ottawa and move!

  3. John, I do have a project for Ottawa. I will need help from people from all over the city in the coming months. You will be part of this guaranteed !

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