British Columbia’s EV purchase Incentive Program reach budget, depleted

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  1. This Story seems a bit limited on facts and on details: Like – what was the Point of Sale Program Target – a Date – or a $ Total Amount – or a Number of Vehicles; It does not say how many Vehicles in total were processed in the program, nor how many Full EV’s (BEV’s), and How many PHEV’s – let alone how many of each brand/Model.

    There seems to be no discussion – about there plans running up to the point when they ‘Ran out of Funds’ as if – suddenly the account was dry with no warning, or forward thinking in relationship to the pending reality – or at least – no statement that they would not consider an extension, or that they would consider an extension!

    There seems to be a Hush on communications regarding that aspect of the program. It is interesting that they state the last points about the Charger rebate – with the same unknown guess, of how long it will last due to funding applications not being known, but no matter what – not after the End of March this year!

  2. Chris says:

    I’m guessing the EV market in BC will tank as soon as these funds are depleted. It would be interesting to compare the new EV sales numbers for 2013 vs. 2014 in BC.

    It just doesn’t make sense why they would not renew it. A BC resident that buys a volt or leaf knows full well that in Ontario AND Quebec the same equipped car sells for $8000 less. In California, it is $7500. That hurts.

    The future of EVs in BC is limited because unless you are a die hard environmentalist, there is absolutely no reason to be driving one when the equivalent gas version is about 10 thousand dollars less. (hence the $8000 rebate in other provinces). That $10000 can get you gas for years. You may not even own the EV that long for the time it takes to make up the difference in gas savings.

    Without the renewal of the program, or price adjustments to the cost of the car, it simply does not make financial sense to buy one at this time.

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