60K Electric km in my VOLT

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  1. These numbers prove once again that the Chevrolet Volt is an amazing car. And also the most reliable vehicle in its category 🙂

  2. martin says:

    How much $ have you spent on maintenance and repair costs?

    • Paul says:

      I’ve had one oil change done on the gas generator over a year ago for whatever the going rate for an oil change is and a couple of bottles of windshield washer fluid. I’ve had some minor warranty work done, like a sticky chargeport door and a piece of the little lighting on the Volt emblem broke off. Over all it’s had a very low cost of operation and maintenance, as expected.

  3. Jeff says:

    Nice work, Paul.

    Also on maintenance, my first 12 month check is coming up. It’s the oil change in the generator. Dealership will be doing it for free as part of a promo when I bought the car. I asked about the next scheduled service and was told it’s 24 months later (36 months of ownership) with a cost of $90 for the scheduled service. Such a departure from every other car I’ve owned with 8000km service intervals.

  4. Eric L says:

    congrats Paul… 30000 electric km a year is pretty impressive. I think that being able to charge at work helps a lot.

    Did you take that picture?

    • Paul says:

      Yes charging at work sure does help, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought the car as I would be spending to much on gas and it would not meet my strict budget.

      I did take that picture at some nature trail in Limoges.

  5. Geo says:

    Typo therefor = therefore

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