12 months in my 2012 Chevrolet Volt

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  1. Francois Boucher says:

    My wife Line also has a 2012 Volt. she placed an order for it in october 2011, and received her Volt in April 2012 – 6 months later, with a $1000 deposit left at the dealer. There were simply no inventory for EVs at the time and I see that the situation did not change!

    Since her purchase, she drove 27500 problem free kms, of which 21421 were electric with zero emission. Her lifetime fuel consumption is of 1.4 l/100km
    This car is amazing and fun to drive, has excellent acceleration (it “smokes” every car when the light turns green!) it has the highest safety ratings for crash tests, both from the NHTSA and the IIHS.

    We love the Volt!

  2. John says:

    I love my 2012 Volt! I estimate that since I took delivery in May 2012, I have saved just over $2100.00 in fuel!

  3. Jean-Guy Labelle says:

    Good morning Petite queston. J’ai arrrete hier chez Laplante G.M. Hawksburry pour charge. Le chargeur pour la Volt est-ce seulement 3.6 volts? Merci. Je suis a St-Julie avec la Leaf. Longue journee de trajet

  4. Jean-Guy Labelle says:

    Unable to be at the launch of 2 plugs at High school on Earth day due to work schedule. Good luck

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