40 Solar Panels + 1 Volt

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  1. eMileage says:

    Solar is a great investment. And there’s no feeling like driving on sunshine!
    Keep an eye open for squirrels. We waged an ongoing battle for a few years until I finally gave up and installed chicken wire mesh around my panels to completely block their access. Seems they like the cover provided by the panels and the taste of wire insulation!

  2. Thanks !

    I will certainly keep an eye, never heard anything about squirrels. Thank you for the tip !

  3. pmccain says:

    Thank you for sharing the article.
    I live in USA.
    What was the project cost for this?
    When will you begin to realize return on investment?
    thank you for your reply.

  4. Hi pmccain,

    Total cost 27K $CAN. The yearly income will be between 4500$ and 5000$. ROI in less than 6 years. 20 year contract !

  5. DJ Christian says:

    Wow – excellent story. Well documented, thorough, and solid.

  6. Barry Dutton says:

    Very informative, actually sent this link to my nephew who is a Millwright and cares about OTG living and my former mayor who was partner in a solar firm and advised one of my Real Estate clients on a solar issue recently, thanks for putting this up!

  7. Jeff Virgin says:

    Hi, is this income taxable. If you are collecting 5000 a year from the hydro company, are you then having to pay 2000 back to the government ?

  8. Francois says:

    Hi Eric ,
    i would like to talk to you , please can you call me at 1-819-279-6406

    thanks Francois

  1. March 30, 2016

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